Dreamweaver: beginner web training

Course objectives

Our Dreamweaver training is designed to provide beginners with an introduction to the Internet tools and Dreamweaver features. You learn how to create a site and link web pages.

Course content

• Properties Pane
• Text Properties Pane
• Images Properties Pane
• Tables Properties Pane
• Insert Bar
• Default Font Options

• Define a Site
• Get Started with DreamWeaver
• Apply Paragraph and Text Styles
• Specify Fonts
• Apply Colour to Text: Text Properties Pane
• Additional Character Formatting
• Additional Paragraph Formatting
• Check Spelling
• Horizontal Rules
• Insert the Date and Time Display
• Preview in Netscape and Internet Explorer
• Cut, Copy, & Paste

• Bulleted & Numbered List Basics

• Link to Internet Resources
• Link to Pages in Your Collection
• Create Target Links
• Test & Maintain Links

• Work with Images
• Image Alignment

Image Maps
• Work with Hotspots

• Set Page Colours
• Use Colour Boxes
• Select Colours by Values

• Get Started with Tables
• Adjust Basic Table Elements
• Format Options
• Insert a Table with a Caption

Cascading Style Sheets
• Overview
• Use the CSS Styles Tab
• Create Style Sheets
• Convert Embedded Style Sheet to Ext. Style Sheet
• Format with CSS
• Use the Style Definition Dialog Box
• Style Definition Dialog Box: More Options
• Specify Fonts with CSS
• Apply Colour with CSS
• Format Links with CSS
• Format Lists with CSS
• Align Images Using CSS

• Templates: An Overview
• Create Templates
• Apply Templates
• Update Pages Based on a Template

Local & Remote Sites
• Local & Remote Sites: An Overview
• Define Local & Remote Sites
• Work with Local & Remote Sites
• Work with Site Definitions
• Exclude Folders from Site Operations
• Work with Assets
• Library Basics
• Manage Library Items

• Create Forms
• Input Tag Accessibility Options
• Work with Check Boxes
• Work with Lists/Menus
• Work with Radio Buttons
• Work with Text Fields and Text Areas
• Work with Push Buttons

Find and Replace
• Use Find and Replace: An Overview
• Use Find and Replace in the Source Code
• Find and Replace Text
• Use Find and Replace: Text (Advanced)
• Find and Replace HTML Tags
• Find and Replace: Saving a Query

Maintain a Website
• Work with Meta Tags
• Test & Maintain Links
• Make Pages XHTML Compliant
• Validate your tags
• Check for browser compatibility

• Check in and check out files
• Frames


• in-house training at your place of work
• training usually takes 2 days
• full-day training: 09:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
• half-day training: 09:00-12:30 or 14:00-17:30
• practice exercises
• useful step-by-step training manual