Dreamweaver: advanced web training

Course objectives

Our Dreamweaver training is designed to teach powerful features to advanced users. You learn how to add complex features to web sites and tackle programming aspects.

Course content

• create a library
• create & modify library items
• detach or delete a library item
• group CSS properties
• understand cascading characteristics
• apply style sheets to multiple pages
• eliminate underlines from links
• swap images
• create navigation bars
• define head elements
• view page property dialog box
• choose a page palette
• understand META & other head tags
• insert tags with the META object
• get an introduction to layers
• position layers
• create layers
• insert, modify & move a layer object
• use the layers palette
• understand layers & behaviours
• use show-hide layers
• create a loading layer
• test page with a targeted browser
• test browser compatibility for an entire site
• convert pages
• set effective META tag options
• publish or index with search engines
• publish or index on your own


• in-house training at your place of work
• training usually takes 2 days
• full-day training: 09:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30
• half-day training: 09:00-12:30 or 14:00-17:30
• practice exercises
• useful step-by-step training manual