Web site traffic analysis


The best marketing campaigns are those designed to be measured, analyzed, and continuously improved!
Once your web site has been promoted, you will want to measure performance to see how your marketing ROI stacks up.
Top ranking does not automatically mean high traffic. High rankings only bring targeted, qualified and motivated visitors if the rankings are for relevant keywords/keyword phrase. Increased traffic is the real result of a successful optimization process, not a top ten ranking.
A good way to measure returns is to analyse your traffic for clues to visitor behaviour.

Our service

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly summary traffic report include:
How much web traffic does your web site get?
• web traffic summary
• recent web traffic
• web traffic log
• hourly web traffic
• daily web traffic
• daily web traffic quality
• web session duration
• web session page views
How do visitors use your web site?
• most popular pages
• most popular URLs
• most popular folders
• most popular paths
• most popular links
• entry pages
• exit pages
• page navigation
• page durations
• visits per page
Which sites send traffic to your web site?
• referring web pages
• referring web sites
• referring search engines
• referrer path analysis
• search words
• search phrases
• search engines & phrases
• search engine spiders
Where do your visitors live?
• host domains
• countries
• regions & cities
• languages
• time zones
• hour of the day
What technology do your visitors use?
• web browsers
• web browser settings
• operating systems
• colour quality
• screen resolution