Web content review


Our bottom-up approach to information architecture is used to review your web site, focusing a more detailed view of your content.

Our service

Easy-to-read and tailored report with detailed recommendations for action.
It covers the following topics, briefly summarized below:
Page structure review
Web page organisation is crucial to drawing users' attention into your content. We use the following guidelines to lead user's eye through your page:
• strong and consistent visual hierarchy
• consistent approach to layout and navigation
• appropriate page dimension and length
• page division into visual and functional zones
• layout positioning: style sheet versus table
Page titles review
Meaningful headings that communicate the contents of your sections efficiently reinforce users' sense of context. Adding sub-headings helps splitting up a large amount of text into more concise chunks of information, allowing visitors scan your web page to find the paragraph that interest them.
Words frequency & relevancy review
Keyword frequency affects web page's relevancy score! Our thorough analysis and evaluation of each page individually covers:
• META tags
• keyword frequency
• IMG tag descriptions
• hidden text
File & directory names review
In order to accommodate a cross-platform development, consistent directory structure and file name conventions are established. The file directory structure, that matches the site structure, is made of appropriate names that describe the content. All file names are made in lowercase without any space and special character. These techniques prove useful when maintaining the site in the future.
Ready for use META tags delivery
Every web page should have a unique and minimal set of META tags. This aids narrowing the search to a specific section and retrieving more relevant results. META tags are HTML code which is not seen by Internet visitors. However, they are essential for major search engines. We deliver the following ready for use META tags to be pasted into the 'HEAD' section of your web page:
• title
• description
• keywords