Web site management


The perception of your organization could be impacted by the experience it offers on the Internet!
Web site management is therefore crucial to the success of your online presence.
For better serving the needs of your busier and less forgiving visitors, we can regularly monitor and/or improve your web site.

Our service

Web site structure review
Our top-down approach to information architecture is used to review your web site structure. It aims to facilitate task completion and intuitive access to your content.
Web content review
Our bottom-up approach to information architecture is used to review your web site, focusing a more detailed view of your content.
Web site errors check
The constant launch of new web technologies increases the need to thoroughly test web pages to avoid display problems. In their efforts to adhere closer to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, browser versions can cause display differences that catch unaware web managers.
Web site maintenance
Maximising your web site effectiveness is a continuous process! To keep it up-to-date and serving the needs of your target audience, regular updates and/or upgrades are needed. Our web site maintenance services ensure that you get the most from your site investment and that you leverage the web to your advantage.