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Web outsourcing: a top business idea

Outsourcing all or part of your web operations can be seen as a valuable, strategic and effective management tool when shaping a professional online presence.


Maximising your web site effectiveness is a continuous process!
To keep it up-to-date and serving the needs of your target audience, regular updates and/or upgrades are needed.
Our web site maintenance services ensure that you get the most from your site investment and that you leverage the web to your advantage.

Our service

The extent to which we are involved in the provision of web site maintenance services is determined by you.
Maintenance options include, e.g.:
• Content updates
• HTML code validation
• CSS code validation
• Link validation
• Load time check
• Browser compatibility check
• Site structure review
• Page structure review
• Page titles review
• Words frequency and relevancy review
• File & directory names review
• META tags update
• Navigation support
• Web graphic design
• Flash design
• Search engine submission
• Web site traffic analysis
• Site development & programming
• Hosting front line support
• Domain name front line support
• Staff training
• Second generation site planning