Web site interaction design


Site effectiveness is rather a function of how it is managed than of how good its web designer is!
While enabling you to keep the strategic direction of the design, we create the design framework of your web site.

Our service

Based on your specifications, we create the web site design framework, including:
Homepage & sub-level pages layout
The following guidelines are used to promote your visual identity, being in tune with your target audience needs:
• Appealing style
We use a cascading style sheet (CSS) to ensure visual identity consistency throughout all pages in your web site. It allows specifying the location and appearance of elements on pages and creating special design effects, such as indentation, line spacing, background colours, small caps, expanded character spacing... When a revision to the layout is required, only one change is needed. This design modification is then reflected in all of the pages linked to that style sheet.
• Consistent image-safe area
The elements necessary to identify your web page content are visible without scrolling in the image-safe area, also called above the fold by newspapers. It is the place where the most important information and similar functions appear consistently, including logo, navigation elements and primary information.
• Error-free guarantee
That is: HTML code validation, CSS code validation, link validation, load time check, and browser compatibility check.
Navigation support
We can use the following navigation elements to help users identify your web site structure and interpret the destination and relevant page upon arrival:
• Company logo
Appears on every page providing a link to the home page
• Main navigation menu
Links to top-level sections
• Breadcrumb trail inserted across the top
Allows jumping up several levels in a single click
• Text hyperlinks
Displayed in a different colour and labelled consistently
• Destination hyperlink
Described accurately
• Bookmarks
Allow to jump to the relevant paragraph of the page
• Back-to-top link
Enables to return to the top of the visited web page
• Hyperlink effects
Enhance explanation
• Alternative text (ALT)
Increases recognition of graphic hyperlink
• Downloadable documents
Including: subject matter, language version, format, size