16 free online web tools
The constant launch of new web technologies increases the need to thoroughly test web pages to avoid display problems. Attitudeweb brings you a selection of free online web tools allowing you to test and improve your web site.

W3C HTML validator

The W3C Markup Validation Service checks web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations.


HTML Tidy checks and cleans up HTML source files. It is especially useful for finding and correcting errors in deeply nested HTML, or for making code legible.

WDG HTML validator

The WDG Validator checks the syntactical correctness of the HTML to help produce more accessible web pages.

W3C CSS validator

The W3C CSS validation service checks cascading style sheets in (X)HTML documents or standalone for conformance to W3C recommendations.

WDG CSS check

Enter the URL of a cascading style sheet to have it checked by the WDG - Web Design Group. The result page includes warnings and shows input.

W3C link checker

The W3C link checker reads an HTML or XHTML document and extracts a list of anchors and links. It checks that no anchor is defined twice, lists broken links and recommends actions to take.

WDG link Valet

The WDG link Valet fetches an HTML page and prints a report on it. When a link references another HTML page at the same site and hierarchy as the URL, it recursively follows the link and prepares a similar report on the page referenced.

Readability test

This tool analyses a web page to determine how readable it is: total sentences and words, average words per sentence, words with 1-2-3-4 or more syllables, percentage of word with three or more syllables, average syllables per word, and more.

Spell checker

This spell checker shows the HTML code from the selected URL. Words not found in the dictionary are highlighted in red, providing a list of possible correct spelling.

WAVE accessibility tool

The WAVE accessibility tool returns a copy of a web page with added icons, notations and borders that can aid in judging its accessibility.


WebXACT lets you test single pages of web content for quality, accessibility, and privacy issues

Image analyser

The image analyser examines all images found on a web page to check for any accessibility issues. The width, height, alt, and longdesc attributes are examined for appropriate values.

Page speed check

This tool calculates page size, composition, and download time. It calculates the size of individual elements and sums up each type of web page component. It offers advice on how to improve page load time.

Domain lookup

This tool allows to check whether a specific domain name is available or not and to obtain information related to the registration records of existing domain names.

Hosting history

This tool provides hosting history information about a web site: date first seen, last reboot, netblock owner, IP address, name server, DNS admin, and reverse DNS.

Internet archive

This tool allows to browse through 30 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.