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Pricing scheme

Considering the Internet as an important management tool for better branding, customer service, and profits, precious resources can be devoted to your site project.

The pricing can differ greatly based on the breadth of services desired. This pricing basically boils down to how complex and detailed your site is. Changes may also occur, which can be costly if not properly anticipated under the contract.

Besides, your budget needs also to account for the back-office support, the publishing authoring tool, the server and the hosting solutions, and the long term ongoing development and maintenance of your site.

Our pricing scheme corresponds to our abilities, level of attention and expertise in quality web site services. It is based on the following methods: hourly billing and fixed price.

Hourly billing

Hourly billing is recommended for web site services that are not fully predetermined. In this scenario, we work at a pre-agreed hourly rate and bill you for the amount of time and labour it takes. If you ask for extra features, we bill you accordingly.
• rate: 70-80 EURO, vat excl.

Fixed price

In this scenario, we specify what work is included in the site project. Once the project is underway, we understand that some changes to the design and/or functionality are inevitable and we endeavour to undertake as many as possible within the budget and time constraints. Any major changes may incur additional costs.