Web site development process

Each web project is unique, but some common milestones may apply. The following outlines our overall approach:
• Phase 1
• Phase 2
• Phase 3
• Phase 4
• Phase 5
• Phase 6
• Phase 7
• Phase 8
• Phase 9
• Phase 10
• Phase 11

Phase 1: set-up

A temporary and secure development web space protected from public view is created on our server for prototyping, testing, and presentation. You are given the URL together with a login and a password, enabling you to view work in progress, give feedback and submit early revisions.
At this stage, we also make sure that your domain name is registered and plan the set up of the production server, where the final web site will be hosted for public view.

Phase 2: content levering

Your available content (such as images, photographs, texts, logos, files, graphs, video films, data bases...) can be sent to us via e-mail, on CD-ROM or floppy disk.

Phase 3: site interaction design

While enabling you to keep the strategic direction of the design, we create the design framework of your site: homepage, sub-level pages and navigation support.
The pages are constructed using placeholder copy, the final content being added during the copy production (Phase 5). Further to your feedback, the design is revised. Once completed, we ask you to sign off on the site look and feel.

Phase 4: search engine optimization

For your web site to increase site traffic with a higher search engine ranking, we prepare your web pages through search engines optimisation. We analyse and evaluate each page individually and provide ready for use keywords/phrases that reflect the nature of your site.
Further to your feedback, the text elements are revised. Once completed, we ask you to sign off on the optimised pages.

Phase 5: copy production

The optimised materials are inserted in your web pages. The unique and minimal set of META tags (such as title, description, and keywords) are filled in.

Phase 6: first quality assurance test

Although testing occurs throughout the web development process, this first quality control highlights the error, problem, or defect resulting from
• an incorrect functioning of code
• information display not conform to specifications
• incorrect sequencing of web pages
• any failure of the deliverables to meet specifications
Further to your feedback, any errors that does not meet the above quality criteria are corrected within two business days.

Phase 7: final web site acceptance

We ask you to sign off on the acceptance of the final web site, which is levered to you on CD-ROM. For a period of one month following your acceptance, any errors will be repaired by us, said repairs to be free of charge to you. Please note that this warranty does not cover links that change, pages that become obsolete, content that becomes outdated, or other changes that do not result from any error on our part.

Phase 8: site hosting and launch

Depending on the extent to which we are involved in the provision of hosting support, the web site is published either from your or our work station to the production server, where it goes live on the Internet.

Phase 9: second quality assurance test

In order to ensure that the publishing has been run successfully, a second quality control similar to the one described above (stage 6) is immediately conducted. Any detected error that does not meet the above quality criteria is corrected without delay.

Phase 10: search engine submission

Registering your optimized web pages with targeted search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN..., makes it easier for visitors to find the information you offer in your web site. Nevertheless, getting listed in search engines can be a lengthy promotion process, as ranking algorithms used by search engines to score web pages for relevancy change frequently. Therefore, our web site submission service is designed to save you a tremendous time and frustrating effort.

Phase 11: maintenance

When your web site is up and running on the Internet, maximising its effectiveness is a continuous process! In order to keep your web site up-to-date and serving the needs of your target audience, regular updates and/or upgrades are needed. Our web site maintenance services ensure that you get the most from your site investment and that you leverage the web to your advantage.