Europe's Information Society

The Europe's Information Society Portal provides a unique entry point for all European Commission policies and activities related to the Information Society. It is the pilot project for "EUROPA 2nd Generation".

Design work samples

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• web sites planning
• web sites design
• web sites development
• web sites quality check
• custom-designed training to 100 webmasters
• web sites promotion


• JavaScript

Special award

One of our main achievements has been the participation in the setting up of the Web Publishers Support (WPS) web site, which has been recognised by the Secretariat General as a procedural model for all European Commission services.
The aim of the WPS site is to help publishers, editors, content providers, anyone who desires to publish online content, to create, maintain and update web pages on EUROPA or on the DG Infso & Media external Internet line, using a decentralized publication procedure. This support provides structured guidance, useful web practice examples, and a wealth of information in conformity with the Information Providers Guide (IPG).