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Web outsourcing: a top business idea

Outsourcing all or part of your web operations can be seen as a valuable, strategic and effective management tool when shaping a professional online presence.

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16 free online web tools

Constant launch of web technologies increases the need to test web pages to avoid display problems. Our selection of free online web tools can help you test and repair your site.

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Coaching of 100 webmasters

We recently trained 100 webmasters for the technical improvement of European Commission decentralized web sites.

Web Site Advices and Services

Located in Brussels, Belgium, Attitudeweb has gathered a multilingual and multitalented team with expertise that covers all aspects of web site design, development and training. Whether you want us to produce your web site from conception to completion, to improve your current site or simply to manage specific needs or questions, we are here to help!

Web site design

Our web site design services aim at levering your branding and identity in a web-specific way. Handling both user-centred design and underlying technology issues, we provide tailored site design services that are compatible with your target audience's needs, visually engaging and accessible to a variety of web browsers.

Web site management

The perception of your organization could be impacted by the experience it offers on the Internet. Web site management is therefore crucial to the success of your online presence. For better serving the needs of your busier and less forgiving visitors, we can regularly monitor and/or improve your web pages.

Web site hosting

The heavy financial investment, high degree of technical expertise, and available time are often the chief barriers to setting up your own server. We offer quick, cost-effective, secure and reliable hosting solutions on Linux server with extensive customer care.
  Space Bandwith Mailboxes
• Linux Spade 200 MB 5 GB 50
• Linux Club 500 MB 10 GB 100
• Linux Diamond 1,000 MB 15 GB 150
• Linux Heart 2,000 MB 20 GB 200

Web site promotion

The tremendous time and effort required to understand complex and ever-changing search engines leave most uninitiated organisations unable to take advantage of web site promotion. If you can not afford the time it takes to understand and micro-manage search engine positioning, we can help you bring targeted, qualified and motivated visitors to your site.

Web based training

Our innovative training approach meets the diverse and ever-changing needs of beginners and advanced users. We introduce you to the most important features of our web based training, making you immediately productive. Our selection of high-quality training sessions provides step-by-step essential instructions designed to improve your web potential quickly and easily!
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Microsoft FrontPage

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